A Hit And A Miss

I'm pretty confident my little monkeys missed me while they were at their grandparents last weekend.

Sterling has spent all day snuggled happily in my lap with her blanket, while she rubs my face and tells me how much she loves me.

Bennett meanwhile spent his morning making up for lost days abusing me. He brought pretty much every implement of torture over and whacked me in the head with it. Repeatedly.

I've been whacked with a maraca, a flip flop, a wooden truck, a water bottle, a baby doll, a plastic bowling pin, a jack in the box, a toy bento box, and a tambourine.

I've been pinched. Repeatedly.

I've been bitten. Repeatedly.

He has pulled my hair. Repeatedly.

And he has proven that a well delivered knee to the crotch hurts girls too. That one only happened once, thankfully.

All done with a manic gaze of gleeful adoration in his eyes so I know it is coming from a loving place.


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