Perhaps Freud WAS Right...

Today we had quite the interesting gender discussion.

Sterling was running around naked as I tried to wrangle her into jammies for nap time. 

Sterling: Hey Momma! Look at my balls!

Me: Um, you don't have balls baby. That's your vagina. Girls have a vagina. 

Sterling: Ben has balls?

Me: Yep, Ben is a boy so he has balls. 

Sterling: I have Ben's balls?

Me: Nah, lets let Ben keep his balls. 

Sterling: But I want balls! I LOVE balls!

Me: Oh sister, that's another discussion for a different time. 

Sterling: Ben loves his balls. 

Me: I can't argue with that. 

Sterling: Daddy is a boy? Daddy has balls?

Me: Uhhhhh... yeah?

Sterling: Can I have balls?

Me: Um. Can you help me think of other girls? (yep, the best defense is diversion). 

Sterling: Amaya is a girl. Liana is a girl. Mommy is a girl. Chloe is a girl. Lara is a girl. Teddi is a girl. Violet is a  girl. Elizabeth is a girl. Jenna is a girl. Sophie is a girl. Hannah is a girl. 

Me: Awesome, you are right! Can you think of any boys?

Sterling: Logan has balls. Bennett has balls. Ethan has balls. Daddy has balls. Owen has balls. Finn has balls. Vincent has balls.

Me: Uhhhhh

Check and mate...

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