Demoralizing Daddy

Man. What a loooong ass weekend. 

See, John has been working 80 hour weeks for the last 6 weeks or so. Brutally long days. No weekends. We were all fried

So when this holiday weekend rolled around, we were desperate to kick back and really relax. 

The kids and I were completely recovered from the stomach flu and we had a big weekend of festivals and fun planned. 

And then a severe case of croup hit B. Nothing that steroids and lots of quality time with a nebulizer couldn't fix (eventually). 

And then the croup hit Sterling. And life got fun. 

And then it took me out, who even knew it was possible for adults to get the croup?

But yep, what followed was four days of hacking, snotty, raspy misery. 

Freakin awesome. 

Daddy valiantly stepped up to the plate to wrangle monkeys. It was amazing to have his help while I was so sick, bit it was the furthest thing from relaxing. 

What it DID do is give John a taste of life as a solo parent. And I had a heyday capturing some of his thoughts. 

So I thought I would share. These were actual quotes from my husband:

J: A FOUR day weekend? Whose flippin' bright idea was that?!?!


J: Man, it's only Sunday??? Jesus!


J: How early is too early to start doing shots of Jack? I really need to know. Stop laughing, I'm not joking.


Me: It really bugs me when you comment on how at the end of some days, I seem fried and miserable. 
J: But you DO!
Me: So you're not fried and miserable after today?
**Looooooooong Silent Pause**
J: Oh. Good point. 


J: I think Daddy's baby cup is full. 
Me: What the hell does that mean?!? Oh wait, that you don't want a third!
J: No. I mean that I had been really missing them, but I'm over that now. I don't think I will miss them for a looooong while now. 
Me: So that means you don't want a third?
J: Oh no, I'd totally still love more kids. 


J: Huh, they must be feeling better. They have been SO well behaved and low key today!

Uhhhhh, or it COULD be that I've given you a free pass today buddy and you've spent about an hour and a half, cumulatively, with them. Either one...


The great irony is that by midday through the workday today, he will have completely forgotten how brutal the weekend was and be all moon eyed over the kids again. From afar. 

Too bad there aren't any 24 hour drive-through vasectomy places. I think I likely could have sealed the deal this weekend...

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