Guess The Mystery Liquid, My Least Favorite Game

Who wants to play "Guess The Mystery Liquid"?

It's pretty easy game, really. All you do is take a quick peek at the picture above, and then shout out the first liquid that comes to mind. 

I can pretty much guarantee that you will only need one guess. And no, it's not tequila. 

I wish. 

Because if it were, I would have gotten out a straw and slurped that puddle right up rather than spending 20 minutes on my hands and knees, scrubbing with white vinegar and cursing under my breath. Then another 30 minutes bathing the nasty little monkeys.

Nope my friends, that special puddle is the direct result of a little girl who was feeling ornery. 

She had stripped down naked right before nap time and was running around like a loon. I suggested (repeatedly) that she pause in her racy rambling to hit up the potty. 

She repeatedly assured me she didn't need to go. 

Which is ironic considering that about 2 minutes later, she yelled out "uh oh Momma, I pee. It an accident!", then proceeded to let loose the mother of all puddles. 

Um kid, if you are announcing your "accidents" ahead of time, they might not exactly be so accidental. 

Just so you know. 

And then, as I was making a dash for the rags and vinegar to clean it all up, homeboy decided that it looked like a perfect opportunity for some splash time fun.

Freakin. Awesome.

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