Peanut Butter, Beware!

What, this right here?

Oh, it's nothing.

It's just the game face we wear in our house when we are making peanut butter our bitch.

Yeah, we find that the more fear we instill in peanut butter's creamy little heart, the sweeter peanut butter tastes as we shove it into every orifice we can find (and some that prove a little bit elusive, but you can use your imagination).

Yep, it's a new but treasured tradition in Casa De Hickman.

As soon as the peanut butter comes out, so does the Grinch face and accompanying snorts of terror.

It's pretty awesome.

So if you are peanut butter, or know someone who is, run.

Run now.

Because we will find you, we will make Grinch faces at you, and we will shove you into our open maw as we snort in derision.

That, my friend, is a promise. And we will look damn cute as we do it.

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