Fridge Of Destiny

This may be the one time my husband gets the green light to get me a kitchen appliance for my birthday. Or anniversary. Or Christmas.

Oh hell, I don't care what I get it for as long as I get one.

This fridge is incredible!

And I say that remembering full well the birthday I came down, found the GORGEOUS, huge, royal blue satin bag with a lustrous gold ribbon around my new... industrial gelato machine (otherwise known as the birthday the earth stood still).

Yeah, it didn't go over so well.

But this puppy is cool enough that I am willing to give a full pass based purely on its fan-fricking-amazing-tastic-ness.

I could spend HOURS of fun just putting stuff in and taking it out again. Hours. It might just be enough to make me actually enjoy cooking. Or at least getting stuff out to cook.

And yes, I know this is still a concept fridge. Poor J finally gets a green light to give a kitchen appliance as a gift, and the stinkin' thing isn't even available.

But if it ever becomes available, I'm going to be one of the first ones lined up to get one :-)

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