Naughty Dolly

I have to admit, I kinda love the way kids' imaginations work.

Like when I put S down for nap and I hear her up there narrating all kinds of crazy stories to her toys.

So today, when I saw her deep in conversation with "Dolly" (yep, we roll original on the names), I took a few photos to send to daddy and wasn't really paying much attention until I heard her mutter "I wuv you, why you so naughty? You bonk his head, wanna Time Out?"

Trying not to laugh, I asked what her baby had been up to that was ornery.

She looked at me, rubbed her forehead in exasperation and said "Dolly push Ben Ben, I need cawfee".

Well, at least not everything I teach her is going in one ear and out the other...

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