Going For The Gold

I have discovered the pot of gold, and let me tell you baby, it isn't what you are expecting but it is every bit as precious!

My toddler is potty trained! And I am more than a little embarrassed at how ABSOLUTELY THRILLED I am about this. My little girl is no longer in diapers!

Every time her little butt perches on that toilet seat and leaves behind a little golden puddle of miracle, I breathe a giant sigh of relief. One less butt to diaper, and that is an amazing, amazing thing in my world.

Rumpelstiltskin may have turned hay into gold, but I could hardly be happier than with my little pot of gold from Sterling. Yep, I know exactly how cheesy that was, and I am going with it! I am literally THAT giddy with a potty trained girl :-)

OK, enough gushing about my child's bathroom habits.

I realize this post officially makes me the most stereotypical SAHM possible, and if the pre-baby me met the current me and read this post, she would roll her eyes and then skewer me afterwards to her super posh, super awesome friends over a pitcher of sangria. God, I miss the old me...

But anyway, here's the thing.

About 6 months ago, I read all the books and articles about how as an American mom, it was my duty to "mom up" and wade into the battleground of potty training armed with no less than 3 different types of potty chairs, every type of candy Sterling's little heart could desire, stickers, fancy big girl panties, and even a special "wetting doll" to show her the ropes.

The first few days were great, she peed in the potty, we rejoiced, birds sang, everyone danced with ribbons in their hair.

But when it was time to stop running around naked and put underwear on, she decided she was done with potty training, and wanted her diapers back.

I'm pretty damn hard headed... but evidently so is she. After several days of tantrums and pee battles, I realized this wasn't what potty training should be about, and so we quit cold turkey.

I'm sure there's lots of potty training pros out there with lots of expert opinions on how we should have toughed it out. But they can shove those opinions.

Because after all, that's all they are. Opinions. And honestly, this is my kid to screw up as I see fit.

But 6 months later, after I had decided that there was no way in hell I was ever going down the "potty training path of doom" again, Sterling decided out of the blue that she was ready to use the potty again. She gave me some simple signs. I gave it a try, and it all fell into place.

It was incredibly easy, super quick, and MUCH more fun. And honestly, I think I will take this approach with Ben as well.

And if giving her a little control over such a momentous decision helped smooth the transition, so be it. If you think about it, taking away a kid's diaper is a fairly large transition. One that for some kids is a pretty big emotional shift.

I realize now that for Sterling, changing from diapers to underwear was the emotional change from "baby" to "big girl", and with the introduction of a second new "baby" into the house, it was a role that she wasn't entirely ready to be pushed out of yet.

And as my lovely friend Theresa wisely said, "they won't go to college wearing a diaper, so what's a few more months".


So to those militant potty trainers, more power to you. No judgement, everyone has their own style that works best for them.

But for me? I'm gonna kick back with some sangria and enjoy the company of my babies, rather than looking for anything *else* to fight with them over.

Besides, the teenage years are right around the corner and I'm sure we will have PLENTY of things to fight over...

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