Poop On The Loose

Sterling loves when Bennett has a poopy diaper.

TMI I know, but there is a method to her madness.

See, B HATES having his diaper changed. And he is one solid, incredibly muscular little guy, which means every diaper change quickly morphs into a Wrestling Match Of Doom...

Add a bare poopy ass into the equation, and shit gets real.

And real nasty.

Which means I am completely occupied wrestling the wriggly, wormy poop monster.

Which means S has several minutes of completely unsupervised time.

Which means mayhem.

The product of today's mayhem was a full tub of animal crackers... dumped everywhere. And a curly haired little minx dancing in the middle of them shrieking "oooooh, FUN!" at the top of her lungs.

When I asked her what she was doing, she helpfully replied "see momma, ammal crackas evvvawer".

Yep. Evvvawer indeed.

Oh, and my Wrestling Match Of Doom with the wriggly, wormy poop monster? As soon as he saw the treasure trove of snacks scattered everywhere, homeboy took off like the singleminded beast he is.

Which meant poop went evvvawer.


As in I am still finding yucky little brown streaks in bizarre locations evvvawer.

So should you happen to visit anytime in the future, I would recommend being careful where you sit.


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