Screw Sharing, Let's Go For Thunderdome!!!

Teaching toddlers to share is super easy. As in "I have absolutely no idea how it's done" super easy.

I find myself repeating platitudes constantly throughout the day about turn taking and sharing.

And yet somehow, my little angel is no better at sharing now than she was when I first started.

In fact, she has dialed her yells of "No Ben Ben, it's moine" up a few decibels. And the awesome part? Her claim staking is not limited solely to things that she actually wants. No, pretty much anything that Bennett wants instantly gets claimed as "moine".

And for the most part, Bennett has been pretty accommodating to having things ripped out of his fingers. No screaming fits... yet.

The clip below gives you a pretty accurate sense of how things are going. Oh, and ignore the potty chair in the background.

Yep, parenting at it's finest :-)

P.S. Is it just me or am I starting to sound like Caillou's mom?!?!?! When the hell did that happen and how do I stop it???

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