The Sauce Pimp

Bennett is seven months old.

Which means that he is just starting solid foods. This time in his life is supposed to be carefully regulated, watching everything that goes into his mouth for allergic reaction.

However, I also have hurricane Sterling in my midst.

Sterling and "carefully regulated" are mutually exclusive concepts. Which means I am always pulling crazy crap out of his mouth.

Sterling hates to eat, and Bennett loves to, which means he has officially become her "cleaner". In the last week she has fed him a broccoli floret, an apple slice and a jelly bean... that I know of.

Today, she woke up from nap and asked for "sauce", which in our world is Sterling Shorthand for a packet of applesauce.

She took exactly two sucks of applesauce, trotted over to Bennett and helpfully showed him how to hold it.

That's about all it took.

Evidently his instinct to eat is strong enough to override the obstacle of figuring out how to get it into his mouth. He finished that puppy in less than a minute. Which is impressive for a small baby.

More impressive was the "I will cut you if you even try to take this from me" stink eye he gave me the whole time...

Evidently, we are taking a slightly unorthodox approach to introducing solids.


  1. I have found that absolutely nothing beats the independence of the pouch!

    1. Those things are AWESOME! They were the only baby food Sterling would eat. SO much more convenient than lugging a jar and spoon everywhere :-)