Gateway To Mayhem

They say a sign of higher intelligence, what separates humans from most other animals is... the use of tools.

Sterling has long been a fan of using
tools in her mayhem to elevate the game.

Often, I completely underestimate what Sterling will use as a tool, or how many naughty, naughty uses she can come up with for the most mundane objects.

Case in point: the photo below.

That kiddie gate? The bane of Sterling's existence. The barrier between her and unbridled holy mayhem upstairs.

She constantly climbs it and fiddles with it, looking for weaknesses. When I go upstairs, she stands rattling it, yelling "Momeeeeeeee" at the top of her lungs, like a chimp at the zoo.

When I went upstairs this morning though, homegirl got crafty.

A new box of diapers arrived yesterday (we go through so many that Amazon kindly automatically ships them). She dragged the box over and had one leg over the gate by the time I came down.

She knew she had been caught and quickly scurried down before I was able to get my camera out, but this shot is her giving me the "yeah, what you gonna do about it, sucka" stare down after she was caught.

Evidently the gate has devolved from "blockade" to "fun climbing obstacle".

Yay for me!

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