A is for Amazing!

It's multiple choice day! You can file this under:

1. holy bragging parents, Batman
2. kids are crazy cool
3. Caraline has no idea what appropriate/interesting blog topics are
4. Roll your eyes and come up with a way cooler option than the three I've given

Take your pick.

But anyway, I've discovered something incredibly cool.

Sterling, my super crazy 26 month old, somehow learned her ABCs and many of her phonics by sight! And pretty much without any help from me (aside from lots of singing of the ABC song).

I totally credit Sprout and Your Baby Can Read, because I sure as hell didn't do it. But it's still pretty freakin cool anyway.

Kids are such amazing little information sponges.

Side note: It's no longer enough to spell naughty words in front of her. What the hell am going to do now, sign language? Translate them to Elvish? Bitch at John using smoke signals?

Hmmm, looks like momma is going to have to get (even more) creative...

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