Holy Hotel Hellions, Batman!

When the power was out last week, we packed up the kids and headed to a hotel to get a little respite from the heat.

We reserved a 2 room suite. What we didn't do was take the time to research the room configuration.

The outcome was mayhem, pure and simple.

See, the first bedroom was nice and simple. Roomy, spacious and clean.

The second room was a bit... quirky to say the least.

It was on the second floor, a loft that was open except for a low wall around the front. A sort of glorified balcony. Or a launch pad if you are Sterling Rose.

And because we were fleeing the heat, we hadn't thought to bring such essentials as kiddie gate. Or air mattresses. Or crash helmets. Or wings. Or a straight jacket. Or tranquilizers.

You get my point. We holed up for a several days in a mayhemist's dream world, annnd a mom's nightmare.

About ten minutes after we arrived, I was changing Ben Ben, and S comes trotting in brandishing a saber. Or a butcher knife.

Anyway, I hurriedly take it away from her and rush to the kitchen to figure out where she found it.

Turns out the bottom drawer was a toddler's dream arsenal, complete with several other equally as medieval looking knives, barbecue skewers, and two different wine openers that could easily have doubled as torture implements during the Spanish Inquisition.

Once the kitchen was secured, I thought I could relax a little. I was wrong.

Sterling quickly discovered the stairs and silently took off up them. I hadn't even had an opportunity to miss her yet when I hear a little giggle above me, look up, and see that she is perched on the ledge of the loft.

Luckily, we have had ample time to practice "off" and so she had scampered off the wall by the time I made it upstairs.

While I took a few moments to rearrange the furniture in an attempt to block off the stairs, Sterling conveniently tested out the long distance on the phone.

After I had removed the phone cords from each of the phones, I could not find her anywhere.

At which point, John called me over to the stairs. Apparently she ran out of steam while trying to figure out a way around or over the stair blockade.

Not sure if I won that round, or merely survived it...

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