Whole Lotta Wuv

My kids sometimes blow me away.

Tonight, while I was perched on the side of the tub, waiting for Sterling to use the potty, she suddenly turned and threw her little arms around my neck.

Pulling me to her, she fervently whispered into my neck:

You my best friend in the WHOLE world mommy, I wuv you a WHOLE lot. Whole lot.

It was one of those beautifully perfect, spur of the moment gestures that was completely honest.

She wasn't trying to get anything out of me or manipulate me in any way.

All she was doing was sharing what was sincerely in her heart at that moment.

I don't know what the future holds for me and Ms. Sterling Rose. As hard as we butt heads sometimes, I am kind of terrified to see what the teen years bring.

But I hope at the heart at it all, she always remembers that no matter what, she is also one of my best friends, and I wuv her a whole lot, too.

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