Poached Pixie

Pardon the blurry photo, but this quickly shifted from "oh wow, that child is one crazy little spider monkey, let me grab a quick photo" to "oh crap, that crazy little spider monkey is trying to turn on the stove burner... WITH HER ON IT"!!!

But I am getting ahead of myself.

See, behind the stove is a sunken family room. It's a drop of several feet from the top of the kitchen divider wall to the sofa.

I always assumed that drop was large enough to prevent Sterling from climbing from the sofa to the counter.

I would be wrong.

Absolutely no idea how she did it, but when I turned around while preparing lunch today, there she was perched perkily on the counter like some happy little pixie.

I pulled out my handy iPhone to snag a few pictures. It usually takes me at least 20 to get one that is the right blend of not blurry, decent composition and tells the story I want. I settle. A lot.

No sooner had I snagged the first shot then I noticed her creeping stealthily forward and reaching for the stove knobs.

Now a less responsible mom (in case CPS is reading this) might have taken a few more shots knowing that I had only gotten two blurry ones so far, and that it took the stove several minutes to get really hot.

Not me though. Nope, I instantly put the camera down and took her off of the counter. See, good mom decision of the day right there.

Plus John was watching. So I kind of HAD to take the responsible route. But that was the decision I would have made anyway. Definitely. Totally. Probably.

Anyway, I like to think that the blur of this shot lends a certain realism to the moment, a certain urgency to the subject.

And if it doesn't, any critics are welcome to recreate the setup and perfect the photography with their kids ;-)

P.S. For the record, when Sterling saw this picture, she said "Sterling so naughty". So naughty indeed...

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