Banana Beatdown

Today, Bennett decided to exercise a little creativity in his freedom of expression.

With a banana.

And a goldfish cracker (look close, that puppy is perched perkily up there like a little chapeau).

And smooshed those babies ALL over the friggin place.

On a flippin preschool morning for crying out loud! Like I need any more obstacles to getting out the door. The morning after a bath.

Now I don't mean to say that like baths are a super rare occurrence in this house or anything.

But they kind of are.

Or at least they are rare enough that when baby boy decided to inaugurate the morning by smooshing banana all over his freaking adorable little noggin, I instantly switched into triage mode to salvage as much clean skin as possible.

Which wasn't much.

Absolutely no idea how he managed to get bananas smashed down, into his zipped jammies, past his diaper, under his balls, but my boy has skills.

Mad skills.

And as the photographic evidence shows, absolutely no remorse. Pretty confident that if he could speak, that last one would say "suck it"...

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