Opening The Door Of Opportunity

This morning Sterling discovered she could open her bedroom door.

Up until now, this door has been less a physical obstruction, and more of a mental one.

I knew it was purely a matter of time before S connected her ability to open every other door in her world, and the ability to open her bedroom door.

But I hoped that mental block lasted well into her late teens. Because I really needed the little nugget of peace every day that shutting her in her room provided.

Notice the past tense there.

The first time she got out this morning, she scared the ever loving crap out of John, apparitioning silently behind him as he was making breakfast and proudly announcing at the top of her toddler lungs "here I am, Daddy".

For a guy used to being alone in silent somnolence at 5:30 every morning, it was a *bit* of a surprise.

Then, at 7:30, I got the gentle wake up of a toddler finger being lovingly rammed up my nose.

S: Hehehehehehehe, I funny mommy.
Me: You aren't funny.
S: I trouble (said with the knowing twinkle in her eyes of a child who knows exactly how much trouble she is).
Me: I have no good response to that.
S: I wuv you momma, a WHOLE lot, whole lot.

She had me there.

And then when we got out into the hall, I discovered that homegirl had helpfully gone on a door locking tour while she was on the lam, locking every door along the way.

Good times.

Looks like we will be investing in some non-locking door handles AND a door knob blocker for her room.

Yes, I see the humor there.

And some more wine for mommy. And some anti anxiety meds for daddy ;-)

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