Welcome To The Jungle, Baby!

Why is it that for so much of my parenting experience, I hear GNR's "Welcome to the jungle" playing in the back of my head, whereas when I watch my girlfriends' kids, I hear "Claire De Lune" playing instead?

It isn't just that I have two small kids, although that is definitely a large part of it. But many of them have two small kids as well.

But I think a large part of it is that my two small bodies are packed full of two incredibly large personalities, which equals two sets of opinions that are constantly being offended.

And in my house, we don't believe in suffering in silence. No, I don't have a single mellow gene in the group.

Not a single "go with the flow" moment in our day, which means that at all times, when I am making someone happy, I am simultaneously pissing someone else off.

Like when I am getting Sterling's milk? It means I am neglecting Ben's bottle. And he ain't about to take that kind of treatment lying down.

Or when I am changing a particularly heinous diaper for Bennett? That's the exact moment when Sterling MUST have an admiring entourage for the potty.

My kids are determined and demanding and constantly looking for opportunities to push my buttons... er... I mean, looking for new "learning opportunities".

This makes for a fascinating, exciting, fun life, but certainly not a relaxing one.

And sometimes a little relaxing sounds like a beautiful, beautiful thing.

I don't mean that I want to replace the soundtrack of our lives with classical music, but I wouldn't mind mixing things up every once in a while with a little easy listening.

Just a little.

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