OSM: Toddler Retail Therapy

So it appears my girl may have been letting her fingers do the walking on Amazon.com recently. I just received a shipment of random items, none of which I ordered.

Not only is home girl amazingly adept at navigating any Apple-based products, but she's also incredibly quick. All I can figure is she most have had access to my phone recently and picked out a few items for herself.

Anyone know what DMSO is? Me either.

Damn 1-Click, love it when I'm the one doing the shopping but not so helpful when someone else is making the selection…


  1. Replies
    1. It looks like my girl is growing up, she is starting her first Meth lab :)

    2. As long as she remembers: do not use/sample the product and don't get caught.

    3. I hope you are saving for her legal defense when you both get caught :)

  2. Oh, you know we want pictures of what's actually IN those boxes... : )

    1. I actually only opened one box because as soon as I opened it and realized I had no idea what the contents were, I checked my Amazon account to see if they had shipped me something by mistake. Lucky I did! There were several "surprise orders".
      The one I opened was a bottle of something called DMSO and two bottles of SSKI.
      Next time she decides to go on a shopping binge, I need to point her at Zappos instead!