Nanas and No Nos

One of the most interesting parts about having a child is how it changes your relationship with your own mom. For me, it has made Mother's Day take on a whole new meaning. I finally understand just how much parents sacrifice in order to get their kids to adulthood.

I'm also quickly learning that one of the trickiest elements of training my daughter is training my mom how to behave around my daughter.

My mom is an amazing Nana, I could not ask for a grandmother to love her grandchildren more. However, my mother also loves to spoil creatures. She has perhaps one of the fattest Pugs in all history. Translate that into the first grandchild (which she has been waiting literally decades for) and you get the picture.

To give you a sense of how excited my mom has been for grandchildren, when I was in high school, my mother actually hoped for a teen pregnancy :-)

So while I love their relationship, I also feel that on some level I'm constantly in the wings waiting to spoil some of the fun in the name of "parenting".

I guess the only consolation for being the proverbial buzz kill is that it means when Sterling and Bennett have kids, I will get to be the Nana and be responsible for all the naughty behavior :-)


  1. I totally mom comes here and wants to take my kids for Frosties after school AND then gets mad at me when I don't want to then give them dessert that night after dinner. Um, hello...we didn't get two treats in one day when she was just "mom"! : )

    1. Right??? And nothing sucks more than being the "voice of reason" to your mom AND your kids!