Taking The iPod Swimming

This may come as a surprise to you, but evidently iPods are not waterproof.

At this point, we have thoroughly tested that theory. Thoroughly.

The most recent one took a dip in a used toilet while my girl was "waitin' for the poopies to come out". I realized after about 30 minutes that she was just killing time watching Caillou to keep nap time at bay. When I asked for the iPod back, she threw a fit and tried to hide it behind her back. You can imagine how well that worked.  

And now that poor, poor iPod is showing the WHITE SCREEN OF DOOM (imagine that last piece in wavy lines, followed by a muahahahahahah and a crash of lightning). 

But considering that her absolutely favorite potty time companion is D-E-A-D, she has been remarkably unconcerned. So much so, that even my friends commented on it. 

Every time she told someone that her iPod took a dunk, it was very matter of fact. No emotion. Certainly no sadness. 

And today I found out why, in a simple discussion. 

S: You get my iPod Momma?
Me: Nope. Remember, you dropped it into the potty when you were having a tantrum?
S: It broken?
Me: Yep, it's broken. 
S: That's OK. 
Me: I'm glad you think so. 
S: Yep. You got money, you go Wal-Mart and get me new one. 
Me: Riiiiiiiiiight. That's not happening sister. 
S: Nana get one for me. 

Check and mate. Well played little girl, well played. 

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