Number 2

S is now 14.5 months old and it is amazing how parenthood has settled on us. As we prepare for our next addition to the family in 3 months, I look back over where we were at this point with S and I feel so incredibly different.

There isn't the fear this time, the whole "what if I hate parenting, I mean pregnancy sucks way more than I expected, what if we pick the wrong stroller/car seat/crib/diapers, which of our parenting decisions are going to land our kid in community college and therapy rather than the ivy league and executive leadership, what if I hate parenting, how am I going to juggle parenthood AND a business, how will our relationship survive a new baby, can I possibly survive child birth, WHAT IF I HATE PARENTING???"

The good news is that most of those concerns have been pretty much laid to rest. We both love being parents, child birth was much worse than I expected, and yet somehow I survived to prepare for it all again, J and I are stronger than ever through our connection of being parents to the Most Incredible Kid In The World (official title), I sold the business so that I could dedicate myself full time to tantrum and poop patrol, and yes, we made all the wrong choices in baby gear and yet she still survived.

I wonder, if anything else, perhaps baby #2 might get short changed in the process. After all, up until now his sister is still the primary focus of all our attention. We haven't even started on his room yet, but I can guarantee you that we are looking at a $200 Ikea crib this go around rather than the gorgeous, high-end Restoration Hardware canopy crib that his sister has single handedly destroyed. I haven't so much as cracked a single development book this entire pregnancy, although I regularly resolve to. And I don't have hours to spend lovingly touching my tummy while he kicks, I am doing my best just to keep his sister from crushing his head in while he is still in utero. I am sure she will do enough damage once he gets here :)

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