Friends really do make life worth living. I take that back, people who love you make life worth living. It is amazing how much of a difference a few good friends can make in your life.

Motherhood especially brings that to light, being a new mother alone can be one of the scariest, most confusing, emptiest experiences in life. But with a few good friends by your side, it completely changes the entire experience. Things that would otherwise bewilder you become bonding opportunities with your friends. No matter how crazy or off the wall your kid is, one of your friends can empathize.

I have tried motherhood both ways, both without and with friends, and I will say that it is my friends who keep me sane. Who give me reason to gather up my little monkey with all her ephemera and get her out of the house, no matter how rainy/cold/muggy/hot it is outside. Who help me see humor in the moments that would otherwise have me in tears. Who come and take the monkey out for the day when I am sick and exhausted with morning sickness. Who make me home made funnel cake and drop it by just because. Who listen to me as I try to process the monkey's newest mayhem, and help me see it for the genius that it is. Who make this whole adventure of motherhood so much fun.

So thank you my wonderful friends, your love and support are worth more than I can ever say and I am incredibly blessed to have each of you in my life.

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