So evidently my girl has developed a bit of a cult following with all of her crazy antics. I wish I had done a better job of capturing them here over the last year or so, rather than in FaceBook posts, but let's just say she is acrobatic, ornery and fearless, which has become in my opinion, the dangerous trio.

I have a friend who loves sharing Sterling's exploits with others, and has proposed developing a "League of Extraordinarily Twisted Gentlepeople and Others" or LETGO. This is essentially a group of people who share S's love of the ornery, and want to keep up to date on what she is currently into.

Is it odd that my kid is going to have her own cult following before her second birthday?


  1. Proud member and President of LETGO! I've started taking the Ginko Biloba so I will remember to share with her my different methods of mayhem with her.

    1. Ah, my fears are relieved. I was SO afraid she would have to figure them all out on her own :)