Turd On The Loose

I often wonder what the difference is between children and dogs. 


Like daily, if not hourly. 

After all, my kids bite, jump up on people, chew on furniture, chase balls, scratch themselves inappropriately in public, run and wimper in their sleep, and LOVE to dig holes and roll in filth. 

I mean seriously, are they not just naked little puppies?

This similarity was pretty much proven out the other day when Sterling proudly trotted up to me and proclaimed "hi Momma! I poop on the floor!"

And when I looked over, there indeed was a little turd nugget, sitting happily in the middle of the floor, taunting me. 

mean seriously! What kind of civilized creature DOES crap like that???

Even more impressively, she had somehow managed to squat, squeeze out a turd, and caper away... all while still fully clothed. My kid is either incredibly talented or freakin Houdini. 

Or both. 

So yeah, while at this point in parenthood, it takes *quite* a lot to surprise me, but mystery turds that suddenly appear on the floor? 

Yeah, that does the trick. 

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