So until I had a baby girl, the color pink was not in my repertoire. I was a neutrals kind of girl. My wardrobe was full of classic clothes in a full spectrum of neutral. My home was tastefully decorated in neutrals. I even drove a car in a lovely metallic neutral. In fact, I do believe I was allergic to pink.

And then I had that ultrasound that showed that I was having a little girl. And my world shifted.

Suddenly, a new rosy world of color opened up to me, one adorned in ruffles and bows and little lacy things. And I went a bit crazy with the pink. I bought pink blankets, tiny pink sweaters, pink toys, pink snugglies, and yes, an entire pink bedroom for our little bundle of pink to come home from the hospital to.

It is amazing how one simple ultrasound can completely change your life. I have even added a few pieces of soft pink to my own wardrobe.

Who would have thought I had it in me? Not me.

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